01 The Selection

You heard it through the grapevine: KOLONNE NULL is on a journey to the center of the wine. We craft deep taste fine, alcohol-free wine. We found the sweet spot: art + science = wonder. In co-production with awarded family vineyards we select the chosen one - to become the chosen zero. In close cooperation with our uncompromising vintners we create outstandingly rich selections that represent the essence of thousands of years of taste. Are you experienced? Taste it now!
Der Clou

02 The Highlight

Guided by taste. We explore. In 80 wines around the world. But chosen only few can be. Gently dealcoholised by our experts. Minimal thermal stress ensures the characteristic flavours of KOLONNE NULL. Single variety wine & balanced cuvée. Still & sparkling. Choose your highlight!
Die Kolonne

03 The Kolonne

We win the race. We pop the corks. Deep taste wine. We celebrate our best non-alcoholic wines. Twenty thousand leagues deep in taste. Only our most brilliant results are produced on a larger scale to finally join the ranks of our collection: KOLONNE NULL.

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