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Enter the race with non-alcoholic wine from KOLONNE NULL

Our mission is to create the finest non-alcoholic wines and to enable more and more people to enjoy fine wine without alcohol. We want to offer more than just a premium alternative to wine with alcohol. Rather, it is about a completely new, alcohol-free taste experience.

We cooperate with winemakers from all over Europe - but this is only an important part of the journey to a high-quality alcohol-free wine. Our passion for wines, fine aromas and refined precision work make our wine one of the best.

Purely a matter of taste: What does non-alcoholic wine from KOLONNE NULL taste like?

With the necessary sensitivity and the greatest care, we develop wines for subsequent dealcoholization together with ambitious winemakers. The wines for Kolonne are exclusively traditionally pressed and particularly aromatic vintage wines or cuvées of the highest quality. The structure and aroma of the selected wines must be right for the dealcoholization process.

Kolonne Null mainly sends dry, alcohol-free wines into the race. Our Riesling conveys the driest impression due to its concise acidity and local minerality. For rich, non-alcoholic wines, choose non-alcoholic rosé or red wines whose grapes have seen even more sun and which have sometimes matured for a long time in wooden barrels.

At KOLONNE NULL, we consciously avoid the use of artificial flavors, colorings or other additives, as these would affect the taste.

In our Berlin forge, we taste, cuvée and select the base wines from our partner winemakers. To ensure that they are perfectly suited for dealcoholization, we work in detail to find out how the cultivation of high-quality wines can be optimized. We evaluate our experiences together with our partner winemakers so that we can already create the basis for the best alcohol-free wines in Germany at the respective winery.

With 0.3% alcohol by volume, our wines are below the legal limit of 0.5%. Many of our customers also drink Kolonne Null during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. It is and remains a personal decision and a doctor should be consulted for further medical advice.

Buy non-alcoholic wine at KOLONNE NULL

In order to enjoy the best non-alcoholic wines from Kolonne, our premium wines are waiting in the wings in the online store. All you have to do is choose from our selection of fine red wines, white wines, rosé wines and sparkling non-alcoholic varieties and order your non-alcoholic wine online.

Furthermore, we cooperate with selected specialist retailers. In our Store Finder, simply enter the zip code to see where Kolonne Null is represented in your area. For example, the non-alcoholic wines are available at Edeka and Galeria.

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