To celebrate our dedication to healthy pleasures, we want to give you more insight into what we do and how we craft our wines. Alongside regular updates from our Laboratory and from the vineyards, we will publish the lab analysis of each wine In order to provide 100% transparency on how we guarantee our indisputably high quality.

100% Transparency

  • We use zero flavorings, colorings, pesticides, or other additives.
  • We publish all of our products' ingredients down to the latest laboratory testing results.
  • We are traditional winemakers - so we apply only the practices of this artisanal heritage.
  • We work with carefully-selected small family-owned, and award-winning winemakers.

Tradition & Innovation:

Our mission is to create premium quality wines while preserving the natural environment for future generations. We strive to implement sustainable practices in every step of our winemaking process, from vineyard management to bottling to promoting biodiversity in our vineyards. We also commit to being responsible towards our local community, minimizing our environmental footprint, and using renewable energy sources. We source inspiration and expertise from traditional craft as well as from pioneering innovation.

Nature & People:

Our mission is to keep making the world's finest non-alcoholic wines by combining traditional craftsmanship with pioneering innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possibly in flavor and finishing techniques.Good wines come from healthy nature. So we take a holistically sustainable approach to the entire product cycle - from the windes to sustainable packaging, design, transparency and the partnerships that compliment and help raise our standards.

Process & Taste:

Great non-alcoholic wine is more than a great wine gone through industrial de-alcoholization. The complex notes and intense flavors don’t appear overnight. They are a result of time, passion, and focus. Unlike other de-alholozed wines, our wines are composed, selected and grown deliberately for the careful and gentle process of de-acoholization to compose the taste from grape to bottle. Together with leading universities, we have developed our unique process, which reaches unmatched notes of wine while gently taking out the natural alcohol. We pioneer this field of winemaking expertise and continue to develop the best non-alcoholic wines available.

Product Information

Rosé Wein 2022

23 Mar


Session No 5 Silvaner 2021

14 Jan