The shared enthusiasm for wine and enjoyment, the astonishment about a missing of high-quality, non-alcoholic food companions and the desire to create a product that fits a conscious but sophisticated and stylish lifestyle set the base for Kolonne Null in 2018.

Our founders Philipp Rößle and Moritz Zyrewitz, who have known each other since student days, were faced with the challenge of convincing people to buy a new product. Until then, no one believed in high-quality, non-alcoholic wines; the market simply didn't exist yet. Parallel to the first tastings with already available non-alcoholic wines among friends, they started traveling to winemakers, wineries and dealcoholization specialists worldwide.

In the summer of 2018, we produced our first wine in co-production with a small winery from Lower Austria, which we initially distributed via weekly markets and wine shops. Because the topic was so attractive and the customers were surprisingly open-minded, there was shortly after the first larger production together with a VDP house from the Nahe. Since then, we have been traveling through the wine world, learning new things every day, and have built up what is probably the most specialized non-alcoholic wine company in Europe. Our own wine lab is in continual exchange with our partner winemakers and research institutions to regularly raise the bar of what is achievable. We have evolved from industry newcomers to industry leaders. With the development of our laboratory and various research partnerships, we are becoming better at understanding the key drivers of our business, more accurate, more focused and also more selective in choosing our partners - along the entire value chain from the grapevine to the printed shipping box.

What makes Kolonne Null so special is that our aim is to bring the characteristics of the growing region, the grape and the winemakers into the bottle, so that we can transparently tell the story of each wine. Closely linked to the highest standards of quality and perfection for the product and for ourselves.

Where the journey is headed? In contrast to 2018, our work now already begins in the vineyard. We discuss with the winemakers even before the harvest how we want to develop the respective wine. However, we believe that the ultimate added value can only be achieved through our own production and the associated representative headquarter. In addition, we are planning a vineyard in Brandenburg's Havelland region, to which the most exciting and at the same time most courageous international winemakers will make a pilgrimage, in order to raise (non-alcoholic) wine to a new level together with Kolonne Null.


Die Stunde Null: Moritz Zyrewitz (rechts) und Philipp Rößle (links) haben 2018 gemeinsam Kolonne Null gegründet und stellen piekfeinen alkoholfreien Wein her.